My name is Michael Streets and I currently working as a teacher trainer for the British Council in Seoul, South Korea.  I have been training teachers on various teacher training courses, including CELTA, DELTA and ICELT for the past 7 years and am currently developing blended and face to face teacher development programmes for pre-service and in-service teachers.  I’m currently enrolled on a Master program and specializing in Educational Management and have been reading lots of books on current management theories, especially about motivation and performance management.  Since buying a Kindle, my reading has increased tenfold, and my favourite books at the moment are “Antifragile” and the work of Malcolm Gladwell.  My posts address educational management and teaching English as a foreign, second, international, lingua franca and so on.  My posts will also try to make sense of my readings and apply them to the world of TEFL.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts.  Please feel free to comment, to argue, to disagree, rather than like me on Facebook – i’m not a narcissist or an expert (empty suit) and I welcome discourse.

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